Kono Ryuji

Although I am from the eastern part of Japan, I feel that I have now become a part of Kyoto community after getting acquainted and developed friendship with so many native “Kyotoites” and “Oumi marchants”.
After my long university life, I joined Arpak, a well-established think tank and consulting company in the Kansai region. During the first 10 years I had learned the techniques of consensus building and research & planning for administrative measures in community development field. In the recent 10 years, I have been working with the local economic organizations, shopping district associations, and small- and med-sized manufacturers for the development of active community and mechanism to create customer needs, with my brain working at full capacity.
“Not be conspicuous”, “not be frolic”, and “be helpful” are both our corporate culture and my own mottos. My hope is to be a reliable think / do tanker for my fellow clients.