Learning from Drucker!
Practical Management Seminar

~Public awareness of the management theory of “the God of Business”, Professor Peter Drucker~


Inviting Mr. Kuninaga Hideo, the foremost authority on Drucker’s theory in Japan, we held a seminar to offer an excellent opportunity to learn about Drucker’s management that could be put into practical use. Attended by two hundred dozens from the Kinki region, and with a couple of presentations by two representative companies from Kyoto Shisaku Net (Kyoto Prototype Net), which co-hosted the event, our seminar turned to be a great opportunity to learn the important viewpoints for the corporate management.

Keynote Speech: Mr. Hideo Kuninaga

Keynote Speech: Mr. Hideo Kuninaga

Seminar Venue

Case Study Presentation: (left) Mr.Yamamoto (right) Mr. Takeda