Nagahama City
Industrial Development Vision

~Glocal industrial city – to open up – the “Nagahama style”~


Our industry in Japan is forced to face an extremely difficult situation due to the rapid social and economic changes in recent years, such as the intensifying global competition or the declining population, as well as the severe damage caused from the complex disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Under these circumstances, municipal governments, after the enforcement of the municipal decentralization law, are required to develop their individuality as well as to establish financial base from the perspective of regional management to hand over an attractive community to the children in the future.

For the purpose of the activation of private investments and secure employment, as well as stable tax revenues, we have developed the Nagahama City Industrial Development Vision, with medium-and long-term perspective, under the guidance of Professor Kanai Manzo (our consultant) in Ritsumeikan University.

Working Team meeting @
Yanmar Co., Ltd. Biwa Plant

Nagahama City Industrial
Development Vision(Outline)

Establishment of Comprehensive Support Organization for Nagahama Companies (Nagahama Business Support Council〈tentative name〉)