General surveys on problem
solution-type industries
in the Kansai area

~Business responding to the needs for an aging society~


According to the “Economic and Social Vision” compiled by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in June 2012, one of the growing fields in the future is problem-solving industry which contributes to solve the issues Japanese society is confronting, such as the labor shortage or increasing social security costs due to the aging population, and METI is to give support to it. In response to this, our company carried out the investigation to find out the examples of problem-solving business implemented in the Kansai region (*), and had interviews to grasp the situations, and eventually complied business case examples.
* In this investigation, we focused on potential growing areas which will help solve the issue of labor shortage due to the aging society and create employment, such as healthcare services, and aged care / child care services. We also focused on the human resource development which supports the employment of women and the elderly in the growth areas of the future.